Apple TV Help Guide

It is now possible to stream from EBS to the Evercast app on Apple TV.

Getting Started

On the Apple TV device, download and install the Evercast app.

Upon opening the Evercast Apple TV app, you will be presented with a code.

Adding the Apple TV Device to Your Evercast Account

Log in to Evercast in a web browser. From there you will be able to add the Apple TV to the room either from the dashboard or from within the room.

Adding Device from Dashboard

From the dashboard, the menu button on a room (the three vertical dots) gives you an “Apple TV Log In” menu option.

Adding Device from Room

If you are already in the room, the More menu in the bottom right will give you the “Apple TV Login” menu option.

Either of these menu options will get you a login screen that allows you to enter the code shown on the Apple TV.

If you enter the correct code, you will get a green success notification. You are now waiting for the room owner or someone with invite permission to approve the Apple TV login request.

Entering an invalid code will present a red error message.

If the room owner (or someone else with invite permission) is not in the room, you will also get a red error message.

Granting Access

The room owner (or other user with invite permission if the room owner is not there) will get a prompt to accept or deny the Apple TV access.

If the owner accepts the Apple TV, the requestor will receive a notification that the Apple TV has successfully logged in.

If the owner denies the request, the requestor will get notified that the Apple TV has been denied access.


At this point, if the request was approved, the Apple TV will be connected to the room and waiting for an EBS stream (unless one was already playing in the room).

Starting an EBS stream will then display in the room.

And on the Apple TV.