EBS Crashes

If you try to start an EBS stream and the application crashes, there are three common causes to this issue

1) There are no participants in the Evercast room - In order for EBS to connect to an Evercast room, the room needs to be live. This means, at least one participant must be live in the Evercast room.

2) EBS keys - Please confirm that the server name, server room, and stream key in EBS match what you have in your account.

3) Your internet connection isn't strong enough or you are not connected to the internet

To access the EBS keys inside of your Evercast room, move your mouse to the bottom of your screen until the control bar appears. Then, click the EBS icon to pull up the EBS Settings window.

Inside of the EBS Settings window, you'll see the Server Name, Server Room Key, and the Stream Key. These are the keys you will need to have set in EBS. In the next step, you'll see how to add these keys to EBS.

Open EBS, then click the Settings button.

In the Settings window, enter the keys you copied from your Evercast room, then save the settings.

3) Internet connection - Confirm that you have an internet connection. EBS will crash if it doesn't detect a connection to the internet.

NOTE: This also applies during a live Evercast session. For security reasons, if everyone leaves the Evercast room, EBS will crash.