Playback looks steppy, not smooth

When testing the stream, the playback looks steppy and not smooth.

Step 1: Confirm if everyone in the Evercast room sees the bad stream, or just one person.

If just one person, this means the stream is being corrupted on that person’s end.

  1. Have the streaming person adjust EBS bitrate to 2000.

  2. If that doesn’t help, ask if the person with troubles can either movie closer to their WiFi router or hardwire into the internet.

If everyone sees the bad stream, this means the corruption is happening on the stream sending side.

  • Confirm the streaming computer has an Ethernet connection and if using a Mac, WiFi should be turned off.

  • If using a Mac, have the client click the ‘Apple’ logo (top left of screen) and click ‘About this Mac.’ Then, click ‘System Report.’ Confirm they have at least 4 CPU cores.

    • If they only have 2 cores, have them close Chrome and try streaming again. If the stream improves, this means their computer isn’t powerful enough to stream and video conference at the same time.

  • In EBS settings/video tab, if client is streaming in 1080 resolution, have them switch to 720.

  • In EBS settings/video tab, if client is streaming at 24/30fps, change the fps to 60.

  • In EBS settings/output tab, set video bitrate to 2500.

  • In EBS settings/stream tab, confirm the use of VP8 (only in new EBS).