Scenes in EBS

Scenes are source presets. With Scenes, you gain quick control over what sources display in the stream and how you want the layout of your stream to look. You can easily create custom scenes and quickly switch between scenes during a stream.

For example, you could have one scene that displays the timeline and bins, while a 2nd scene displays full screen video only.

Creating a new scene

Click the + icon at the bottom of the Scenes section box to create a new scene. A popup box will appear where you can custom name the scene if you wish. NOTE: You cannot use the same name more than once.

You can create as many scenes as you want. To change the order of your scenes, simply select the scene you want to move and use the arrow buttons in the Scenes box.

Once you have created a Scene, you will need to add Sources to that Scene. If you need help understanding the different sources you can use, click here.

Resizing/cropping a source

When you add a Source, you will see a red border around it in the stream preview box. This is the bounding box, which can be used to position, resize or crop a source.

To crop a source, hold the Alt key on your keyboard, then click and drag one of the points on the bounding box. The edges will change to green which indicates you're in crop mode.

To resize a source, simply click and drag one of the points on the bounding box (do not hold the alt key).

The example below shows both cropping and resizing being used to show a specific section of the Adobe Premiere interface.

Multiple sources in a scene

You can easily add multiple sources to your stream from separate screens. Below is an example of a stream that contains the video preview, bins and the timeline of which all 3 are on different screens.

Hotkeys and source options

To quickly change the position and size of any source, you can use the following hotkeys. Before using a hotkey, ensure you have selected the source you want to manipulate, from your list of sources.

  • Hold CTRL to disable Source/Edge snapping

  • Hold ALT + drag the bounding box to crop

  • CTRL+F for fit to Screen

  • CTRL+S for stretch to Screen

  • CTRL+D for center to Screen

  • CTRL+R to reset a source size/position

You can also right-click any source in the list to access further options.