CPU Issues with Evercast

if you are having problems with a stuttering stream, slugging computer performance on your workstation, or just an overall problem with how your evercast stream is entering the room, You are most likely overloading your computer's CPU and therefore your stream is starting to degrade in quality.

Computer Performance

Some things we recommend to help with CPU on your computer are as follows:

  • Restarting your computer

  • Closing any extra applications that are not being used

Starting each evercast session with a restart will let your computer stop running any tasks that are going on in the background and let your computer start fresh when entering your evercast room. This will also close out any applications that are running that could take away from processing power from your computer. Even if your applications are on idle, they are taking away processing power that could be directed to your evercast stream.

Chrome Performance

Some things we recommend to help with CPU performance in chrome are:

  • Closing any unnecessary tabs

  • Turning off any unnecessary extensions

You can turn off extensions by hitting the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the screen and then going to "manage extensions"

Once you have the "Manage Extensions" window open, turn off any extensions that you don't want running on your computer during your evercast session. This is turn any tasks that are running in the background on chrome and thus free up space for your computer to process the stream

Evercast Performance

In the evercast room, you can also improve your stream performance by dropping the thumbnails. You can do this by clicking the three dots at the top of the thumbnail bin as shown

Closing this will improve on CPU & networking performance because your computer is only having to process the video from the stream.

Also, you can lower the quality of your thumbnails by going to "Device Settings" and changing the video quality from medium to low or lowest

NOTE: This only changes the quality of the webcams NOT the stream.

Streaming Computer Performance

If you are streaming to the room and your work computer and your starting to experience slow down or other detrimental issues hindering your work, We recommend all of the above including hiding the thumbnails as well as lowing the webcam quality.

We also recommend hiding the stream by clicking the webcam icon in the EBS thumbnail. Doing this will take a load off of your computer from downloading the same stream that you are also uploading to Evercast Room.

If possible, you can also conference in the Evercast Room on a separate computer. Doing this will take the CPU load of chrome off of your work machine so you can allocate your CPU usage to running your editing software & streaming to the evercast room

If you are still experiencing issues or would like assistance from an Evercast support specialist, please use our live chat or create a ticket. We are here to help!