Evercast Room Tools

If you hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen, the control bar will appear. The control bar includes the following:

Disable Microphone Click this icon to mute your microphone. It will turn red, indicating that your mic is muted and no one can hear you.

Disable Camera Click this icon to turn off your webcam. It will turn red, indicating that your camera is disabled and no one can see you.

Disable Audio Output Click this icon to mute all participants and stream audio in the room (just in your own workspace -- it will not mute the output for everybody else). When you have a disabled audio output, this icon will turn red.

Enable Screen Share This is a basic browser screen share function, ideal for sharing documents and photos. You will need to install the Evercast Chrome extension in order to use this feature. When you click the icon, you will be given simple instructions on how to continue.

Enable External Device Share This feature is being removed from the platform. You can ignore this icon.

Chat Click this icon to create time-stamped messages. Chat messages will be shared with all participants in the room. It will not alert participants when you submit a chat, but it is useful for note taking, especially when you are recording. Remember, only the designated room admin can record a session, although anyone can use the chat feature.

EBS Settings This function is only necessary when you are first configuring EBS to stream into your Evercast video conferencing room on your browser. EBS settings will give you the required codes to integrate EBS with your Evercast video conferencing room (see the setup guide for more info).

Room Settings You will only see this icon if you are the designated room admin. The room admin can click this icon to edit room details, like the name of the room and whether it's designated ‘public’ or ‘private’ (see below). The room admin can also invite participants to the room from this settings window.

  • A Note on ‘public’ vs. ‘private’ rooms:

    • Public means that anyone with the room’s URL can enter as a guest

    • Private means that only those who have an Evercast login and have been manually invited by the room admin are permitted to enter the room.

Device Settings Click this icon if you need to select a different webcam, microphone, or speaker output.

Enable Draw Mode Click this icon to enable Draw Mode, so you can mark up the screen for participants to see. For more information on how to use the draw tool, please visit the following article.

Enter Full Screen Click this icon to hide the Chrome interface.