Private vs Public Rooms

This page goes over the major differences between private & public rooms

Public Rooms

Public Evercast Rooms give you the option to enter the Room using your Evercast account, or as a guest. Public Rooms offer the most flexibility for your participants. When the Room is set to public, you can share the Room URL with anyone and they will get immediate access to it, indefinitely, until the room is deleted.

Private Rooms

Private Evercast Rooms require your participants to have an Evercast account to access them. The Private status gives your rooms an extra layer of security. Anyone who has been invited to a private Evercast Room can access the room anytime until they are uninvited, or the Room is deleted.

Changing the Status of a Room

Only the Room Owner/Room Admin can change the status of a room. They can do this from their Evercast Home Page or from inside the rooms themselves.

How to Change the Room Status from the Home Page
How to Change the Room Status from inside the Evercast Room

Note: If you are changing a Room from public to private, you will need to send invitations to anyone who needs access. Anyone who was able to access the Room before will no longer be able to through the URL alone. If you are changing a private Room to a public Room, anyone who was able to access the Room before will still be able to.