Sending Invites

NOTE: You only need to invite a participant one time. Once invited, they will always have access to the room unless they are dis-invited.

Only the room owner has the ability to invite/dis-invite people. Additionally, you only need to invite someone once. They will always have access to the room unless they are dis-invited.

When you join your Evercast room as the room's owner, you will be greeted by a welcome popup where you can invite/dis-invite people to the room. If you close this popup and need to invite/dis-invite people while you're in the room, do the following:

Move your mouse cursor to bottom of the screen until the control bar appears, then click the Cog Wheel icon which will pull up the room settings pop up.

On the Settings popup screen, click the Invites tab.

Inviting users

To invite a participant, enter their email address into the email field, and click the Invite button to send the invitation. NOTE: Only enter one email address at a time.

After you've invited someone, they will receive an email from Evercast inviting them to join your room. Here is an example of the email they will receive:

Dis-inviting users

To dis-invite someone, click the three vertical dots next to the persons email you want to dis-invite. A "remove" button popup will appear. Click that button to remove the participant from the room.

Can't dis-invite because the email is too long

If the email is too long and the 3 dot icon to remove the email isn't visible anymore, keep pressing Tab until it is selected.