Poor Internet Configuration

General Network information

Due to recent world events, many ISPs are throttling back their speeds, especially 'up' speeds. We have seen up speeds as low as 1Mbps.

The good news is there's a great chance you can still use Evercast! This article will help you configure Evercast for low internet speed connections.

1) Sharing the Household Internet: Since many of us are now working out of our homes, it's important to sync with family/roommates on internet usage. Make sure other household members are not video conferencing, gaming, streaming, uploading/downloading files, or doing other internet intensive activities while you are in a live Evercast session. You need to save as much bandwidth as possible.

2) Video Conferencing: If your internet up speed is less than 2.5Mbps and you are the one sending the stream, we highly recommend talking on the phone with your team instead of video conferencing on Evercast. IMPORTANT: If you choose to use another conferencing service (i.e. Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc.) concurrently with Evercast, please turn the WiFi off on your phone and only use the cellular connection instead.

You don't need Evercast video conferencing open to run EBS. As long as your team is live in your Evercast room, EBS will connect and stream. This will also help save precious bandwidth.

EBS Slow internet Configuration

3) Adjust Your EBS Settings: EBS can still stream with a video bitrate as low as 0.5Mbps (500 in EBS). We recommend reducing bitrate in increments of 500 until you find the bitrate that works best for your internet connection. We also recommend experimenting between the VP8 and VP9 codecs. NOTE: In order to change these settings, you must stop streaming. How to Edit Video Bitrate: In EBS, go to 'Settings,' then click the 'Output' tab. By default, EBS is set to 2500 (2.5Mbps). Adjust down accordingly.

How to Change Codecs: In EBS, go to 'Settings,' then click the 'Stream' tab. Select between VP9 and VP8.

Evercast Slow Internet Configuration

In the evercast room, you can also improve your stream performance by dropping the thumbnails. You can do this by clicking the three dots at the top of the thumbnail bin as shown

Closing this will improve on CPU & networking performance because your computer is only having to process the video from the stream.

Also, you can lower the quality of your thumbnails by going to "Device Settings" and changing the video quality from medium to low or lowest

NOTE: This only changes the quality of the webcams NOT the stream.

If you are still experiencing issues or would like assistance from an Evercast support specialist, please use our live chat or create a ticket. We are here to help!