Security Whitelisting

Effective Date: 02/18/2021

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  • Ports: 443 https & 80 http

WebRTC Specific Ports

TCP & UDP port range 20000 - 25000 to and from our server space TCP & UDP port 3478 to and from our server space TCP & UDP port 19302 going to NOTE: P2P is required for WebRTC and some firewalls filter this traffic Path MTU discovery must be allowed outgoing from the broadcasting box

Our Server IP Space / 24 to

Ports: 20000 – 25000 (see webrtc config above)

Twillio STUN / TURN servers:

We use Twillio network traversal services and that whitelisting information can be found here.

EBS connection issues?

If EBS is still having connection issues after following the above whitelisting information, please allow egress to any IP on any port.